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Our team is currently working to distribute aid, water, and medical supplies to the Syrian refugees taking shelter at the Al Azraq refugee village in Jordan. By interviewing refugees we are localizing their needs and assisting them in a meaningful way. We have built a makeshift school tent for the children, sponsored activities, and filmed for an upcoming documentary on life at Al Azraq. The team will be updating the website and social media with photos and their personal experiences from the trip as well as posting the stories of the families interviewed.

SYRIAN REFUGEES 2016 to 2020

PACE seeks to alleviate the hunger, suffering, and hardships of those in need, to improve their quality of life. This is only possible with generous donors like you

We are always looking for volunteers to share their skills and help us grow. Contact us to start volunteering and making a difference today!

Your tax deductible donation goes directly to the field and makes a difference. PACE relies on generous donors like you to pursue our goals and maintain our projects.

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